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We are a team of passionate travelers who believe that exploring the world should be an unforgettable experience. Our company was founded in 2019 by two friends who shared a love for adventure and a desire to help others discover the hidden treasures of Colombia. And what better way to do that than by taking your hotel on wheels? With our camper vans, people can travel and enjoy the culture, sights, and pleasures of Colombia.

In 2023, we welcomed a new business partner to the team: Kai, who shares our vision and passion for providing unforgettable travel experiences. Together with Paula, we have the experience of being one of the pioneers in camper van rentals in Colombia.

Our mission is to give you the freedom and flexibility to explore the beautiful landscapes of Colombia at your own pace and in the comfort of a fully equipped camper van. Add our local knowledge and travel tips, and you're guaranteed to experience the trip of a lifetime! Whether it's a road trip along the coast, a hike through the mountains, or a visit to the vibrant cities of Colombia, we have the perfect vehicle for your adventure.

Whether you're an experienced traveler or starting your first adventure, we invite you to join us on a journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Colombia. Book your dream camper van today and start your adventure!

Paula from Maway Campers

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Paula Lozano loves the freedom and adventure that traveling with a camper van provided during her time in Australia in 2017. From exploring remote beaches to hiking picturesque trails, Paula discovered that camper vans are the perfect way to experience the beauty and culture of a country on your own terms.

With a passion for giving others the opportunity to explore the world in a unique way, Paula founded Maway. She believes there is no better way to experience the diverse landscapes and rich cultures of Colombia than by hitting the open road in a camper van. She offers exceptional customer service and supports you in planning your dream road trip through Colombia.

Kai from Karakoles 4x4


Kai Richter is a passionate traveler who wants you to fall in love with Colombia too. He discovered the charm of camper vans in New Zealand in 2012 and has dreamed of offering this service to foreign tourists in Colombia ever since. As the founder of Karakoles 4x4 in 2016 and partner of Maway Campers since 2023, he helps you with route planning.