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Traveling Colombia by Camper: Exploring the Best Regions and Foods

Traveling Colombia by Camper: Exploring the Best Regions and Foods

25. May 2023

Colombia is a country with a diverse landscape, making it a perfect destination for traveling by camper. With no seasonal weather changes, you can enjoy a variety of climates year-round. From the chilly weather in Bogota to the warm beaches of the Atlantic Coast, Colombia offers a unique experience that is sure to leave you in love with the country’s people, food, and landscapes. Here are some of the best regions to explore and typical foods you cannot miss during your next camper trip to Colombia.

Zona Cafetera: Touring the coffee region

If you love mountains, fresh organic coffee, and colorful villages, then touring the coffee region in Zona Cafetera is perfect for you. The Quindio region is known for its organic coffee, and you can’t leave without buying at least one bag. The region’s people are kind and always willing to help without expecting anything in return. Be sure to visit Salento, famous for the Wax Palm, Colombia’s national tree, which dazzles with its great height and beauty.

Cauca Valley: Exploring sugar cane crops and valleys

Valle del Cauca is an excellent destination to explore the sugar cane crops and valleys. You’ll find plenty of small shops offering “sweets of the Valley” such as manjar blanco, cortado de panela, and panelitas, which are perfect for your road trip. You’ll also have the opportunity to try the Chontaduro fruit and fried delicacies like aborrajado and marranitas made with plantain. Be sure to cool down with a typical “cholao” dessert made with ice cream and fruit. You can visit the Calima Lake to connect with nature or go to the Agua Clara river, known for its clear water.

Atlantic Coast: Enjoying the warm beaches and fresh seafood

If you prefer a warmer climate, the Atlantic Coast is the perfect destination to explore. You’ll notice a difference in the accent and culture of the people, and you’ll want to cool down with coconut water and swim in the ocean. Be sure to try the typical dish of the region, rice with coconut, and fresh seafood. You’ll get to know the vallenato music and the rhythm of the accordion.

Llanos Orientales: Discovering the unique culture and nature

If you’re looking for something different, the eastern plains or Llanos Orientales is the perfect destination for you. You’ll hear the llanera music and see couples dancing Joropo in their typical costumes. You’ll taste the “mamona,” a delicious cut of meat of the region, and try the “pan de arroz,” typical of the plains. You’ll see the unique “llanero sunset” with the shadow of galloping horses. Be sure to visit the Guejar Canyon with its river, an incredible wonder of nature.

In conclusion, Colombia is a perfect destination for traveling by camper. With diverse landscapes, unique cultures, and delicious food, you’ll have an unforgettable experience. Don’t wait any longer to explore Colombia’s wonders and treasures.